The Exploitation workshop on MOSES Robotic Container Handling System took place virtually on November 15th, 2023, at 10.00-12.00 CET, via Zoom platform.

MOSES is a three-year H2020 project, that aims to significantly enhance the Short Sea Shipping (SSS) component of the European container supply chain by addressing the vulnerabilities and strains that relate to the operation of large containerships.  Α a two-fold strategy has been followed, that aims to reduce the total time to berth for TEN-T Hub Ports and to stimulate the use of SSS feeder services in small ports that have limited or no infrastructure.

Several Innovations have also been employed, studied and tested in real life conditions towards paving the way for the future of Short Sea Shipping.

The second demonstration was related to the ability of a spreader to lock on to a container on the quayside before transferring it to the vessel without an onsite crane operator and it, also, verified the system’s response, when a person enters the safety zone. The remote coordination was made through the shore control center, to ensure operations can be resumed safely and without delay following automatic shut-down.

The Exploitation workshop on MOSES Robotic Container Handling System aimed to present the corresponding pilot demonstration outcomes and gather stakeholders’ viewpoints on how MOSES can sustain a roadmap for post-project exploitation.

The event agenda is available here.

Presentation material is available below:

  1. Introduction (Elena Krikigianni, SEAB)
  2. MOSES Project at a glance (Konstantinos Louzis, NTUA)
  3. MOSES Pilot 3: Robotic Container Handling System (Jonas Renlund, MacGregor)
  4. MOSES Pilot 3: Intelligent Operator Support System (Mirjam Huis in ‘t Veld, Frank ter Haar, TNO)
  5. MOSES exploitation perspective (Reza Karimpour, CIRCLE)

MOSES Pilot 3 demo videos are available below: