3rd Autonomous Ship Reality was an online session that took place on 25th of June 2024, between 3:00-4:30pm CET.

As technology continues to push the boundaries of human innovation, the once-futuristic concept of self-navigating vessels has evolved into a tangible reality. Now more than ever, initiatives and research on autonomous ships have been the center of attention in the maritime industry. Autonomous ship technologies offer tremendous saving opportunities with the possibility of reducing future accidents. With autonomous ships not only the crew expenses can be saved also the reduction of the areas reserved for the crew which enables more room for cargo capacity and new technology systems. But the benefits of autonomous systems do not mean that there are no challenges.

The Autonomous Ship Reality online series aimed to discuss the current state of autonomous ships, exploring both their potential and their challenges.

The online event was organized by BS Group and it was moderated by Prof Nikolaos Ventikos from the NTUA and it was attended by more than 100 participants.

The meeting was recorded and the video is available here.

MOSES was represented by:

  • Prof Nikolaos Ventikos, who delivered a presentation on “Determining the requirements for fail-safe design of autonomous ships: The MOSES Autonomous Tugboats Swarm”. His presentation is available here.
  • Mrs. Elena Krikigianni from SEABility, who delivered a presentation on “Navigating the Future: Automated Vessels and Supply Chain Optimization for Sustainable Short Sea Shipping- The MOSES project“. Her presentation is available here.