Innovative Feeder Vessel

The Innovative Feeder Vessel offers a green and cost-effective alternative to other transportation modes (road/rail). The MOSES project covers the exploration of three different conceptual designs, in order to maximize the operational performance connected to viable business cases.

Robotic container-handling system for feeder vessel

The MOSES robotic container-handling system designed as fully self-supporting system will be capable of safely loading and unloading containers on and from the quay side by side and will be fitted on the MOSES innovative feeder vessel.

MOSES AutoDock

The MOSES AutoDock will constitute a mega-system consisting of autonomous tugboats that operate as a fully autonomous swarm and collaborate with automated docking infrastructure in order to automate the process of maneuvering, docking and mooring a large containership in a DSS port.

MOSES Recharging Station

Αn automated shore side station fully integrated in the port energy management system, will be used for powering the MOSES innovative feeder and tugboats while berthed. The system will cover a wide range of power ratings, voltages and frequencies, and provide direct and battery-buffered power transfer.

MOSES matchmaking platform

MOSES platform is a digital collaboration and matchmaking platform that aims to maximize and balance backhaul traffic and at the same time sustain SSS services in the container supply chain by matching demand and supply of cargo volumes by logistics stakeholders using Machine Learning (ML) and data driven-based analytics.

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