Pilot 1: AutoDock

This pilot aims to showcase the automated maneuvering, docking, and mooring scheme for large ports proposed by MOSES. This is achieved by demonstrating the way that a swarm of autonomous tugboats may intelligently cooperate to maneuver a large container ship and direct it into an available berth at the port and the way that tugboats may collaborate with an automated mooring system that will efficiently complete the process.

The model testing physical scenario, will be conducted according to the local environmental conditions prevailing at the time of the demonstration. In addition, the demonstration aims at appropriately addressing a wide range of operational scenarios to simulate a use case as realistically as possible. AutoDock pilot will be carried out at the physical area surrounding Faaborg harbour in Denmark, where TUCO maintains their facilities.

The physical area surrounding the harbour of Faaborg, Denmark

(Source: Map data: Google, Aerodata International Surveys, CNES /Airbus, Maxar Technologies, Scankort, ©2020)


                                                                                                      TUCO’s (ProZero) Workboats (Source: ProZero)


Pilot Demonstration and Exploitation Workshop

On 16th to 20th of October 2023, in Faaborg port, Denmark, MOSES team successfully conducted the MOSES Pilot 1 Demonstration: AutoDock. 

More information on the presentation and audiovisual material of the MOSES Pilot 1 Demonstration can be found here.

In addition, an exploitation workshop on MOSES AutoDock System took place virtually on December 1st, 2023, at 10.00-12.00 CET.

More information on the presentation material of the MOSES Pilot 1 exploitation workshop can be found here.

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