Pilot 3: Robotic Container Handling System

This pilot demonstration aims to showcase the (semi)autonomous operation for (un)loading containers from the MOSES innovative feeder with the Robotic Container-Handling System that will be developed. This will be accomplished by demonstrating the autonomous container handling capability of the system, the shared control between the human (remote) driver and the robotic crane system. Intervention options for the remote operator through the remote supervisory Shore Control Station (SCS) will be also demonstrated. This pilot demonstration will be conducted at the MacGregor test facility in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden), where the crane itself will be mounted on the shore (instead of onboard a vessel) for cost-efficiency reasons.


MacGregor’s GLE Crane outfitted on existing container feeder vessel             The MacGregor test facility in Örnsköldsvik (Sweden)

                                           (Source: Figure on the left: www.macgregor.com, Figure on the right: MacGregor)

Pilot Demonstration and Exploitation Workshop

On 28th of September 2023, in Soesterberg, the Netherlands & in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, MOSES team successfully conducted the MOSES Pilot 3 Demonstration: Robotic Container Handling System.

More information on the presentation and audiovisual material of the MOSES Pilot 3 Demonstration can be found here.

In addition, an exploitation workshop on MOSES Robotic Container Handling System took place virtually on November 15th, 2023, at 10.00-12.00 CET.

More information on the presentation material of the MOSES Pilot 3 exploitation workshop can be found here.

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