MOSES expected impact

Decongestion of road and/or city infrastructure: MOSES will relieve the load for transport from the road not only by using feeders but also by connecting small to large ports. The increased use of small ports will alleviate the load from big ports regarding road transport. The minimization of road transport leads undoubtedly to reduction of air pollutants and noise.
Reduction of Coand air pollutant emissions of intra-European freight transport: The use of hybrid-electric autonomous tugboats and the substitution of container transport to small ports, using them also as hubs have a natural trickle-down effect on road traffic and port emissions.
Enhancement of the performance of the CEF TEN-T network: The use of feeders within MOSES to transport containers directly from large to small ports, intend to increase traffic from/to large TEN-T ports to hub DSS networks.
Sustainability increase freight fed from intercontinental European ports using waterborne transport: Advanced machine-learning algorithms will streamline the feeder container loading process and improve overall efficiency of the entire SSS supply chain
Modernization and increase of the reliability and competitiveness of Intra European Waterborne transport: Port efficiency will be enhanced through the reduction of ship turn-around time and port fees and the improvement of container handling efficiency.
Demonstrate that the deployment of solutions can increase the quality of freight moved by SSS by at least 10% by 2039 compared to 2010 baseline data: Through MOSES autonomous feeder vessels, the basis of ports that can welcome larger volumes shall be extended significantly and also outgoing (hub to small ports) and incoming (backhaul) traffic can significantly increase. Ports that can accommodate the MOSES feeder in short proximity of large DSS ports and with connection to TEN-T corridors can provide a large motivation for the increase of SSS traffic.

Other impact of MOSES project is on

The creation of new business opportunities for industry and SMEs in the EU.
European policies for manufacturing and automation.
Safety of port processes.
Competitiveness of European ports and shipping companies.

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