MOSES Concept

A large containership (mother-vessel) at the DSS port is assisted from the MOSES AutoDock, a combined intelligent mega-system consisting of the MOSES Autonomous tugboat swarm for maneuvering and the MOSES adapted AutoMoor system. The automated maneuvering and docking process is monitored through the MOSES Autonomous Tugboat Control Station. Containers to be shipped to destinations near small ports are stacked by existing port equipment near dedicated berths of the DSS port and loaded on the MOSES Innovative Feeder Vessel, which is equipped with the MOSES Robotic Container-Handling System that provides (semi-) autonomous (un)loading of the feeder.

The hybrid electric feeder, while berthed at the DSS port, may use the MOSES Recharging Station, which is an automated shore-based power system. The laden MOSES Feeder proceeds to the small port where it automatically unloads its containers either at the quay or directly on trucks bound for the destination. As a result, ports with minimal or no available infrastructure may be effectively integrated in the container supply chain.

The MOSES concept is supported by the MOSES Matchmaking Platform to handle effectively changing freight flows, to increase the cost-effectiveness of partial cargo loads, and to boost last-mile/just-in-time connections among transport modes and backhaul traffic.

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