On 14th of September 2023, at Wageningen, in the Netherlands, MOSES team successfully conducted the MOSES Pilot 2 Demonstration: Autonomous Sailing of an Innovative Container Feeder Vessel, making a Roundtrip Between Two Ports. 

The autonomous operation of the vessel was first investigated using time-domain computer simulations. Using a 1:17 scale model of the ship, MOSES team members demonstrated the autonomous operation of the innovative container feeder vessel in MARIN’s Seakeeping and Manoeuvring Basin (SMB). During this demonstration, the vessel made a round-trip between two ports, including autonomous docking and undocking.

The innovative vessel was designed by MARIN. The autonomous operation was carefully investigated and prepared through computer simulations. The onboard dummy of the robotic container handling system was developed by TNO and MacGregor.

The demonstration day was initiated by a number of fruitful and explanatory presentations and it was concluded with the realization of the pilot demonstration. Safety Instructions and House Rules were given to all participants prior to the Walk to Seakeeping and Maneuvering Basin.

The MOSES Pilot 2 demonstration was, also, attended by two of the MOSES Advisory Board members Mr. George Karavolos (from SEAMARK) & Mr. Frank Relou (from Sea Machines Robotics).

The event agenda is available here.

MOSES Pilot 2 demo video is available here.


  1. Introduction MARIN activities autonomy and zero emission ships
  2. Introduction H2020 Project MOSES
  3. Technical presentation – Zero Emission Container Feeders
  4. Technical presentation – Robotic Container-Handling System
  5. Technical presentation – Autonomous Container Feeder