Autonomous Ship Reality, (part of a webinar series) was a virtual event, organised in the context of on 08th-10th of March 2023, virtually, by BS group. The series were underlying the realization of autonomous ship operation both in technical and regulatory aspects.

During this virtual session, participants and speakers talked about commercial autonomous ship reality from today’s and tomorrow’s perspectives by finding answers to the following questions:

• Are the technological advancements sufficient for large implementations of autonomous systems?
• What are regulations for autonomous ships and how can they evolve?
• How well are we ready for cyber security resilience?

The virtual session was moderated by Prof. Nikolas Ventikos from NTUA, while presenters from SINTEF, Metrostar Management Corporation, IBM and other major institutions and companies shared their thoughts about autonomous shipping concepts, trends and challenges for the operation of MASS.

MOSES had a two fold representation:

  1. Mr Konstantinos Louzis, from NTUA, as member of MOSES coordinating team delivered a presentation under the theme “Will the seas of the future be dominated by autonomous ships?“. His presentation can be found here.

2. Mr Photis Fotis Oikonomou from DANAOS, delivered a presentation entitles:”Reaching autonomous control in vessel operation (Conditional Automation Level 3)“. His presentation can be found here.