World of Shipping Portugal is a privately owned web-based initiative within the scope of Maritime Economics established in 2018. The objective is to “Deliver Knowledge, Training and Translation Services in the Field of Maritime Economics”. In order to achieve this purpose, this initiative covers three activity areas, namely Training, Research and Translation Services.

The 2022 World of Shipping Portugal, an International Research Conference on Maritime Affairs International
Steering Committee (IStC) is made up of well-known representatives that have developed a high reputation in shipping, ports, and logistics matters, and which are internationally recognized by the industry they serve.

The 2022 World of Shipping Portugal Conference took place online on 27-28 January 2022.

MOSES representatives from NTUA, VPF, TNO &  CORE, prepared, submitted and presented a paper entitled: “User-driven development in MOSES: From stakeholder needs to user requirements“.

MOSES Paper can be found here.

The paper was, also, presented during the two days event, by Mr. Christos Pollalis (NTUA). His presentation can be found here.

Within the same event, MOSES and its representative from NTUA, Mr. Konstantinos Louzis, took the chance to deliver, also, a second presentation, entitled: “Discussing the MOSES project: Automated technologies for green and efficient short sea shipping“.

His presentation can be found here.