Ports and Skills Erasmus+ European Program  aims to exchange best practices among workers in participating port communities in four countries. The objective of the project is to define the basis for a European training plan in ports that, while respecting the individual national regulations, identifies common applicable elements throughout the EU. The project focuses on the exchange of best practices on continuous training for the development of innovative professional skills on the following topics:

1. New port skills: training systems to update the skills of the workers in the perspective of
the increasing automation of production (flows, machines, plants) and digitalization of the
port terminals processes. Optimization and sharing of plans for continuous training. Retraining
themes: Digitization and Automation.

2. Port government bodies, entrepreneurs and managers in project partner
exchange of best practices from application of the European law on the guidance
and management of ports to the organization of port in relation to the new international
scenario and also due to new European legislation on privacy and Covid19.

3. Port system organization:
• Environmental sustainability of the ports;
• Ports integration in the urban area;
• Energy from renewable sources in port areas;
• Safety and security: best practices to involve companies and organizations together on
cross-cutting issues in the port system.

4. Transversal topics – Training, methodologies and competences for future port
• Methodologies for Reskilling and Upskilling of Port and Terminal personnel
• Common framework certification
• Recognition of Competences in EU

In the context of the project, a seminar on Digitalization and Automation in Ports and port education was conducted on Thursday 2nd June 2022, in Rotterdam.

Agenda of the event can be accessed here.

MOSES project was represented by Mr. Hans Van Den Broek from TNO, Netherlands, towards delivering a presentation on ‘Intelligent Operator Support for Shore Control Centers‘.

His presentation can be found here.