Sea of Experience - Save the Date- Virtual One-Day School

The 1st Online One -Day School of the Sea of Experience project took place on Monday, 25 October from 10:00-15:30.  The school was focused on two themes related to maritime transport and port operations.

The Sea of Experience (Establishment of Eastern Mediterranean Regional Network: pooling, sharing, development of innovative face-to-face and digital training/mentoring tools for the maritime sector) is a regional project that aims to establish the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Network (EMReN) for professionals and young people who are active or wish to become active in blue economy sectors such as maritime transport, shipbuilding, ship repair, ports, and the cruise industry. The main objective is to bridge the skills gap between education and labour market needs, especially in terms of technological developments and innovation, to strengthen cooperation between industry, academia and the public sector, to encourage the mobility of students, teachers and professionals, and to provide guidance and advanced knowledge on blue professions.

The project is funded through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) of the European Commission. The project is coordinated by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). It involves six academic and industrial partners from Cyprus (University of Cyprus, KEBE, CMMI) and Greece (EKPA, APOPSI SA, EVALION).

MOSES TNO partner, and its representative Mr. Hans van den Broek delivered a presentation entitled ‘From here to Autonomy’, where he discussed the role of the human factor in a world of increasing automation and presented parts of TNO ‘s interesting work within MOSES project2020 with respect to safe remote operation of autonomous systems.

Participation in the Online School was free of charge and it was opened to all interested parties.

His presentation can be found here.